Why Getting the Right Connecticut Divorce Attorney is So Important

Divorce is one of the most difficult areas of family law that can be disputed in a court of law. When there are children involved and custody, child care and visitation are issues, the situation can become more complex. Most divorce lawyers limit their services to representing their client’s interests during litigation. This means arguing the case in a traditional courtroom and letting a judge make the final decision about how the divorce will be resolved. When you hire David M. Moore as your Connecticut divorce attorney, you can count on a more civilized and peaceful resolution.

We use the process of mediation to settle divorces and provide our clients with the outcome that is best for the spouses and the children. The mediation process is communication-based, taking the battle out of the courtroom and putting negotiations on the proverbial table. We will either hold discussions in private between your Connecticut divorce attorney and the individual parties or in a group setting. This will allow us to work together to explore potential outcomes and determine the issues that are important to each party.

Giving You Control of Your Divorce

Once a couple enters a courtroom, they no longer have control over their divorce. Hostility, anger and hurt can grow as the process drags on. In mediation, the issues are discussed in an atmosphere of teamwork and respect, reducing the potential for the divorce to lead to even more damage than has already been done.

In mediation, the goal is to find a resolution that will work for both spouses and which is best for their children. It removes the need to win the case from the involved parties and moves towards a resolution that they can agree on.

In a traditional courtroom setting, a judge makes a decision about how the marital property will be divided, who will have custody of the children, and how much money one spouse will have to pay for the other. These decisions are based on the laws, the financial situation of the spouses, and any special needs of the children. The judge will make these decisions without ever understanding the people involved or the factors that make their situation different from the rest. In mediation, a resolution is not reached until both parties agree on it.

Although not all divorce mediations are successful at reaching a resolution, hiring an experienced Connecticut divorce attorney as your mediator makes it a lot more likely that you will have a successful mediation process. We have more than 23 years of experience as a Connecticut divorce attorney and have successfully mediated many divorces outside of the courtroom.

A successful mediation means a shorter period of conflict and a more affordable resolution without the hostility and anger that often accompany divorce. Make it easier on you and your family by choosing the experienced Connecticut divorce attorney with the skills to get you a better resolution that will let you get on with your life faster.