Experienced Family Lawyers in CT – Conflict Resolution Offers Parties a Better Outcome for All Types of Disputes

Experienced Family Lawyers in CT

People and businesses disagree, leading to disputes that have to be settled legally. Most lawyers want to convince you that hashing it out in the courtroom is the best way to resolve these disputes. It is the best way for the lawyers! They stand to make a lot more money when their clients pay their fees on a lengthy courtroom trial.

At The Law Offices of David M. Moore, we know there is a better way to reach a resolution that all parties will be happier with. Our experience at mediation and arbitration has made us the best choice in attorneys for many clients. We are experienced family lawyers in CT with in-depth experience in dispute resolution. No matter which type of dispute you are entangled in, getting the fastest possible resolution and moving on with your business or personal life is probably your primary goal. Through arbitration and mediation, we have the capacity to reach a resolution that is the best fit for your dispute in the shortest time.

We Help You Save Money

As experienced family Lawyers in CT, we know how emotional disputes between family members can become. The longer the dispute lasts, the more difficult it can be to resolve it. When conflict resolution is successful and we are able to prevent you from having to go to court, we save you money by saving time. Most mediations and arbitrations can be completed in no more than one day. Our skills allow us to find a good outcome for your dispute before it grows beyond repair.

We Get You a Better Outcome

Mediation and arbitration are similar processes. When mediation is used, the parties retain the right to accept or decline the decision of the mediator and continue to court if they are not happy with the final decision. In arbitration, the decision of the arbitrator determines the outcome and it is almost always legally binding.

The skills of family lawyers in CT to act as mediator or arbitrator are what determine whether the process is a successful one and whether a resolution is reached. Not only do we have proven skills for accomplishing resolutions, but also the dedication to finding the best resolution for all parties involved. As the mediator or arbitrator of your legal dispute, we will listen to each party to learn what is important and identify areas leading to conflict. We will then determine the potential outcomes and talk about which one is the best for all involved.

A Better Resolution than Litigation

When you take your legal disputes to court for a judge or jury to decide, you are guaranteed an outcome. The problem is that it is based only on the law and not on the specific situation. We will guide you through a resolution process that is fast, affordable, and which results in a resolution the majority of the time. When it does, you can count on a more desirable outcome than you will get from spending more time and money on a lengthy trial. When you choose The Law Offices of David M Moore for your dispute resolution, you can count on us to reach the fairest solution.