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Personal injury cases are some of the most common found in Connecticut courtrooms.  They can take years to resolve and cost everyone involved a great deal of money and heartache.  In the end, many feel the long legal battle was not even worth it.  Fortunately, there is another option for resolving personal injury disputes.

Mediation offers an effective and efficient alternative to litigation when it comes to personal injury cases.  Mediation brings together all parties involved to discuss potential resolutions and find the best, most well-suited option possible.

The process of personal injury mediation provides a number of benefits for everyone involved.  First and foremost, mediation is not about winners and losers.  Instead, both parties work together to find the best resolution.  Mediators facilitate amicable discussions about the pros and cons of various solutions, and help everyone involved understand how beneficial it is to resolve the matter outside of the courtroom.  The best mediators are able to show those involved in a dispute how advantageous it is to use the opportunity mediation provides.

Mediation also ensures those involved – and most directly affected – by the dispute and its outcome are the ones in charge of creating the settlement.  When a dispute is settled in the courtroom, those involved are at the mercy of the judge or jury.  There is no telling what could happen and in some cases, everyone involved walks away unhappy with the resolution.  This is never the case with mediation.  As a matter of fact, in order for mediation to be successful, everyone must agree on the outcome.

Are you involved in a personal injury dispute? Do you believe mediation could be an effective way to resolve the matter? David Moore can help.  David is an experienced attorney who also understands how beneficial it is to resolve matters away from the courtroom.  He has helped many Connecticut residents bring to an end their personal injury disputes in the most cost-effective and amicable manner possible.

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