Real Estate

Real estate disputes are common in Connecticut, but when you are involved, it can seem like the world is closing in around you.  When legal issues arise in real estate transactions, it can have personal and professional effects.  Disputes can bring important projects to a screeching halt and put on hold the dreams and aspirations of home and business owners.  When a legal dispute arises within a real estate transaction that involves you, it is important to find the fastest and most efficient resolution possible.  For many, this is real estate mediation.

Real estate mediation provides a number of benefits.  The process is completely confidential.  Mediation sessions are held in private and only those approved by the disputing parties are permitted to attend.  In many cases, this includes only the mediator, disputing parties, and their attorneys.  Confidentiality also means that anything discussed during the mediation sessions cannot be used later, should mediation be unsuccessful and the matter end up in the courtroom.  This allows everyone to speak openly and honestly without concern for the future.

Mediation also saves time and money, two things that are essential to a successful real estate transaction.  Litigation could postpone a transaction for months – years even.  Settling the dispute through mediation could allow parties to reach a resolution in weeks or less.  Some mediation sessions are over in as little as a few hours.

Finally, mediation is an amicable process that does not create winners and losers.  Parties work together with the assistance of the mediator to reach a mutually satisfactory resolution.  This can be especially advantageous in the real estate industry because it helps to preserve valuable professional relationships.

Are you involved in a real estate dispute in Connecticut? Are you hoping to resolve it as quickly as possible for as little a financial investment as you can? David Moore can help.  He is an experienced attorney familiar with the real estate industry.  David also understands how beneficial it is to resolve real estate disputes away from the courtroom.  If you would like to know more or you are interested in discussing your dispute and how mediation can help you resolve it, contact David at 860.674.0122 or by email at