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Family law issues are often the most difficult for everyone involved because there is so much at stake.  When private family matters are dragged through the courtroom, a resolution is guaranteed, but the resolution often does more harm than good.  Family law issues that could have been resolved amicably can be twisted by the legal process and result in permanent damage – damage that was entirely avoidable had mediation been used to resolve the matter.

Mediation is especially effective for resolving family legal issues because it is a communication based process.  A skilled Connecticut mediator brings together everyone involved in the dispute to explore potential outcomes.  They not only understand the benefits of the mediation process and keeping the matter out of the courtroom, they are able to openly and honestly discuss the problem without fear of repercussions.

Another important benefit of using mediation to resolve family legal issues is the flexibility it offers.  Not only is the mediation process itself far more flexible than court proceedings, potential resolutions are also flexible.  There are numerous instances in which a family law issue is settled in an unorthodox manner, just right for the circumstances, but in a way that would not be a possibility in the courtroom.  Mediation is also a private process, so personal family issues remain confidential – something that is not the case when litigation is used.

Mediation also gives complete control of the resolution to those directly involved in the dispute.  There is no judge trying to understand the circumstances and make a ruling based on what he or she thinks might be best.  Those directly involved determine whether or not a solution is reasonable and fair, and are able to tweak it in any way needed to make it ideal.  Mediation does not just help you find a resolution, it makes it possible to find the best resolution.

Successfully resolving a family law issue with mediation requires the assistance of a skilled and experienced mediator.  David Moore can help.  David is an experienced attorney who understands the family law system in Connecticut (CT).  He also knows the court system is sometimes less than ideal for resolving family legal issues.  He can help family members come together in the spirit of amicable teamwork and design a resolution that works for everyone involved.

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