Family Lawyers in CT – Is There Such a Thing as a “Good Divorce”?

Most of us have heard others talk about someone who has just “gone through a bad divorce.” In contrast, few if any people say that they went through a “good divorce.” That’s because even the most amiable marriage dissolution’s usually have areas of disagreement between the two spouses that cannot be agreed upon. Overall, most divorces are considered bad although some to a much greater degree than others.

Most divorces are the result of one spouse’s decision to end the marriage. This often results in anger, depression, and a lot of confusion on the part of the other spouse. By the time the divorce goes to court, each spouse is ready to go into battle and determined to be the winner. Once the case is heard and the judge makes a decision, both spouses are left to accept the decision even though it probably isn’t the one that either of them wanted. Preventing this type of outcome is the reason that your choice in family lawyers in CT is such an important one.

Divorce through Mediation

Taking a divorce to court to settle matters such as division of property and custody of children can lead to a lengthy process that costs both spouses a great deal of time and money. The time invested into the case can also lead to more bitterness. The cycle of anger, hurt, and determination to battle it out to any length continues to grow. Finding family lawyers in CT who settle divorces by mediation takes the confrontation out of divorce and leads to a faster, more acceptable resolution for both spouses.

In divorce mediation, the mediator facilitates a hearing with both spouses present. The mediator doesn’t just represent one spouse, but works with both parties to find the best resolution. The process is more peaceful and respectful than a courtroom and the outcome is in both parties control. If they don’t both agree to a final resolution, it will not be forced on them. There is no attitude of “winner takes all” and a lot of time and money is saved by resolving the divorce quickly.

Divorces with Children

Divorces involving children are often the most difficult to resolve amicably. Too often, they become bargaining chips that one spouse tries to hold over the head of the other. The Law Offices of David M. Moore are family lawyers in CT who know the importance of getting the outcome that is best for the children. Taking the confrontation and competition out of divorce allows parents to be reasonable in working out solutions that allow them to be good parents long after they have moved beyond the marriage.

A “Better” Divorce

Divorce mediation is the best way to prevent couples from losing control of their situation and having a “bad divorce” that takes a lot of time and money only to get an outcome that neither is happy with. Even if a “good divorce” is something that really doesn’t exist, a better divorce is a real possibility.