What to Do When You Unexpectedly Need a Family Law Attorney in Avon, CT

Every day, people find themselves in unexpected situations that have a dramatic impact on every aspect of their lives. Divorce, injuries from auto accidents, disagreements over child custody and support are some of the common areas of dispute that fall under the heading of family law. The problem for many people is recognizing when they have a legitimate case and what steps to take to protect their rights. A good rule of thumb is to get a family law attorney in Avon CT as soon as an issue arises to make sure valuable time isn’t lost and important evidence is not lost.

Attorney David M. Moore explains that the courtroom is not usually the best place for resolving family disputes. Mediation is more affordable, takes less time and removes the anger and frustration that often fuels courtroom cases. A skilled mediator increases the odds that the opposing parties will come to a fast, fair resolution without the battle that often takes place with litigation.

Personal Injury

A personal injury occurs to the person, not to property. The most common type of personal injury comes from auto accidents in which the other driver is at fault but there are many other types as well. Slip and fall accidents that occur in businesses are common as are dog bites and injuries on the job. If you are injured due to someone else’s intent or negligence, you will need to have the proper documentation to prove you have been injured and that it has had a negative impact on your financial and/or personal life. A family law attorney will start by evaluating your case. If it is viable, he will work with you and your doctor to obtain all of the necessary documentation to win your case.


Most divorces are initiated by one spouse without the other spouse agreeing. Sometimes the decision to file for divorce comes after a long period of unhappiness but there are also those that come as a surprise to the other spouse. The feelings of anger and hurt can lead to the desire of either spouse to get the best possible lawyer so they can take everything from the other party. They go into court to do battle without thinking about the potential outcome that might be completely different from what they expect.

To some degree, the law determines the division of marital property, who will pay spousal or child support, and who will have custody and visitation rights with the children. When the outcome is based on the law and the evidence presented in court, the case doesn’t take the specific situation into account.

When you hire a family law attorney in Avon, CT who is also a skilled mediator, both parties work towards a final resolution that is fair to both of them and which will have the least negative impact on their children. Both spouses retain control of what the final resolution will be so they aren’t left facing a resolution that neither is happy about. Instead, they will reach a faster, fair solution that doesn’t cost a big chunk of their money.