Why Divorce Mediation in Connecticut Might Be the Right Choice for You

If you are angry that your spouse has filed for divorce, you are not alone. In most divorce cases, one spouse wants the divorce more than the other. This can cause feelings of anger and frustration in the unwilling spouse that they want to battle out in the courtroom. The very mention of words like “peaceful”, “simple”, or “private” can turn you off to the idea of divorce mediation. You can’t wait to let everyone in the courtroom know how badly you have been treated, knowing that they will feel bad for you and award you with the largest part of the settlement. The best way to determine if divorce mediation in Connecticut is the best choice for you is to gain an understanding of what litigation is really like.

The Best Outcome for the Kids

Avon is an affluent town in Connecticut, where residents often enjoy a high quality of life. Besides of having high rated schools, Avon is number 18 of the twenty-five safest cities in Connecticut. Like any other area, parents in Avon want to give their children what is best for them. Sometimes they fail to realize until too late that battling out a divorce in the courtroom will have the greatest impact on the younger members of the family. David M. Moore explains that when children, custody, support and visitation are involved, a case often becomes more complex.

Divorce mediation isn’t about who wins. Instead, a mediator guides the couple through a hearing where they come up with potential resolutions that are fair for everyone involved. They talk about the situations and how they can work together to provide the best solution for their kids. Through divorce mediation, parents remain a working team for their children’s best interests long after they are divorced and have moved forward with their lives.

Controversy is Expensive

Controversy leads to more time arguing your case in court and more court and attorneys’ fees. Many couples have emerged from a litigated divorce case to find that they have little of their savings left to argue over. Additionally, there is no guarantee that either party will get a decision that they are happy with, even after the additional time and money put into the argument.

The Outcome Is in Your Control

When your divorce goes to court, the final decision reached by the jury may not be one that you are happy with but it is usually final. You have to live with the decision that is handed down to you. Through mediation, no settlement is reached until you agree to the terms. Not only does this result in a fair solution, it makes it easier for each spouse to work towards a realistic goal without worrying about unrealistic demands from the other side.

You can have a faster, more affordable end to your marriage when you choose divorce mediation in Connecticut that is facilitated by an experienced, skilled mediator. As long as both spouses are open to working out their differences reasonably, you can be one of the many couples who have found mediation successful.