Connecticut Mediators – A Better Way to Handle Legal Disputes outside the Courtroom

Hiring a lawyer for the first time can be a daunting task. Whether you have a personal or business legal dispute, the idea of going into court and pleading your case in front of a judge or jury is a terrifying prospect. The choice you make about who will represent you will largely determine what the outcome of the case will be. Even simple legal matters can end up taking months or years to resolve, costing you more money every step of the way. Choosing Connecticut mediators instead of lawyers can offer you a better way of settling your dispute without going into the courtroom.

A Better Resolution through Communication

The average person has formed an idea of what courtroom proceedings are like from the representations they have seen on TV and in the movies. Brilliant lawyers work to find the evidence that will free their client or reveal a conspiracy that will put the bad guys away for a lifetime.

In real life, litigation is not nearly as predictable. Judges make rulings based on the law, without ever realizing the details of the specific situation. Mediation is based on communication between the involved parties and the mediator, with a common goal of reaching the best resolution for all involved. In cases where businesses must work in partnership after a resolution is reached, mediation allows them to preserve the relationship and move forward with their operations. The same is true in divorce cases where children are involved. The spouses can determine the best terms for their divorce that will allow them to continue working together as parents.

Mediation in Family and Civil Law

Connecticut mediators are often especially effective at resolving disputes in the areas of family and civil law. They meet outside the courtroom in a setting that doesn’t challenge either party. Instead, the dispute is discussed in a civil manner and all potential resolutions are considered. The involved parties retain control over their dispute and make the final decision about whether a resolution is acceptable to them. Taking the pressure off the parties by keeping the case out of the courtroom is often a much simpler process that allows relationships to be preserved for future interactions of whatever type are necessary.

Connecticut Mediators in the News

There have been some news stories recently about complications that arise with the use of unskilled mediators who have not had the legal experience and training needed for successful mediation. In fact, the single most important factor for anyone considering mediation as a method of dispute resolution is to hire a skilled mediator with experience mediating cases of the same time as yours. David M. Moore has more than 23 years of experience resolving all types of legal issues.

Legal disputes don’t have to be settled in the courtroom and, often, they can be resolved more satisfactorily through mediation. For those cases that need to be settled in court, the Law Offices of David M. Moore are prepared to defend your rights in litigation as well. We offer solutions for all types of disputes in and out of court.